Well, I haven’t spoken to her properly in over a year because I haven’t been using the buses. But I have seen her driving by campus and if she sees me she’ll always wave (a few times she’s honked and waved :)) So we’ve had a little interaction but not much.

I thought I was making progress too, or at least I tried to convince myself I was, but the truth is, I miss her. And it’s fucking embarrassing. I’ve practically talked off my friend’s ear about this which is why I’m back on tumblr I suppose. 

I don’t know. I’m looking forward to seeing her again but I know my enthusiasm is in vain. 


I’ve decided that I’m going to buy another parking permit. Which means the bus driver chronicles will be making a resurgence. 

Yeah, I’m not over her. Not sure if I ever will be. 


Tromeo & Juliet

I want these.